Find freedom in movement by exploring dance, free body expression, and ancient Asian techniques

Explore your unique meditation in movement in our individual sessions
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I’m Elena Lin. 

Contemporary dancer. Martial arts practitioner. 
Explorer of movement in all its forms.

For the past 20 years, I’ve explored and integrated contemporary dance techniques, Butoh dance, African dance, free body expression, physical theater, contact improvisation, Chinese martial arts, and other Asian disciplines into a practice that allows me to move freely and express myself in a unique way. 

While I worked with many leading dance institutions, I also developed an individual program for people who seek meditation in movement. For people like you who love exploring different ways to express themselves. 

It’s been an incredible journey, and I find myself passionate to help people explore what they can do in the ‘Mind is Resting in the Body’ program, tailored to their unique goals and skill level.

Mind is resting in the body-program

Move your body
while your mind finds peace

You’ve always sought to express yourself. Maybe you dance. You play in theater productions. Or you write, paint, sing. It’s what you do—exploring creative outlets unique to who you are. You love moving, and you find motion can be an outlet and bring peace.

Now imagine what it could feel like to move freely while your mind is at peace too. When you find your natural flow and your entire being is in harmony.

That’s what the Mind is Resting in the Body program is about. It’s you and me exploring your unique expression in movement. It’s using a multitude of techniques to find freedom in your movement and balance in your mind. 

Program for you

Depending on your needs, you can:

  • Develop an understanding of the beliefs and movements in Chinese martial arts
  • Allow your body to express itself while playing with the voice and authentic movement
  • Move in flow through four powerful breathing techniques
  • Balance the flow of energy in your body with Qi Gong
  • Practice the power of now and develop a state of grounding
  • Improvise and express yourself in dance with sticks or other objects
  • Observe and learn from movements in nature and from animals
  • Explore elements of Indian Kathak dance, Butoh dance, or African dance
  • Embrace the stillness of your body and mind through reconnective healing, yoga, body scanning, or holistic massage

Book your first session

Whether you want to explore the possibilities in one session or build a unique practice of meditation in movement tailored for you throughout a series of sessions, this program is made for you.

If you want to explore what a first session could be like, let’s take 30 minutes for a no-strings-attached conversation.