I’m Elena Lin.

Contemporary dancer.
Performer. Visual artist.
Martial arts practitioner.

Elena Lin

The forest is where I’m at my best while I dance and express my creativity.

When I’m climbing trees or jumping, my body feels light. I observe and mirror the motion in nature. I master my breath while I dance, and the world makes perfect sense.

The Chinese origin of my dancer name ‘Lin’ is rooted there, as it means ‘forest’ or ‘woods’. In the forest, all elements of nature converge. Just like they come together in my body when I breathe using the wind, water, earth, and fire techniques. 

For the past twenty years, I’ve been building a daily practice that integrates all the techniques I’ve mastered. From contemporary dance, Chinese martial arts, physical theatre, acrobatics, African dance, and classical ballet, to the visual and vocal arts. 

I’ve found a way to express myself in movement. A purpose and a deep sense of calm came with it. And I’m still exploring, learning. Growing, like the trees in the forest I love.

Helping people find
expression in movement

That unique fusion of techniques I trained so hard to master and integrate has allowed me to work with leading dance institutions like the Royal Academy of Ballet (Antwerp), the TicTac Art Center with David Zambrano (Brussels), Tanzhouse (Dusseldorf), Micadanses Dance studio (Paris), Marameo contemporary dance training studio (Berlin), Contemporary dance school (Zimbabwe), Danscentrumsud (Malmö), Danshallerne (Copenhagen), CDSH – Contemporary Dance School (Hamburg), Tanzquartier (Vienna) and many others.

Increasingly, I work with individuals to help them find their unique expression in movement through personal sessions tailored to their needs and skill level. I was able to develop a methodology that helps others explore how their body can move while their mind rests.

“It’s when the rational mind and ego just…let go. There’s a trust in the moment that Elena brings. The ability to dive into the moment head-first, with a sense of wonder, just like a child. That’s what happens every time I work with Elena. I can let go without the fear of ridicule or failure or not doing well. Or doing too well. When I work with Elena, none of that matters and it allows the best part of me to emerge. It liberates me.”

Anne Elisabeth

My Journey so far.

Being born in an artistic family in 1969 in the province of Vojvodina, now part of Serbia, I discovered the performing arts at a very early age. Playing a major role in a children’s TV series at age 9 only grew my passion and talent for dancing and singing.

I graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Novi Sad, former Yugoslavia, before pursuing my dance education across Europe. I studied contemporary dance, physical theatre, classical ballet, acrobatics, African dance, and many other disciplines, and started integrating them into my rigorous training.

One of the people who shaped me most was my Sri Lankan Kung Fu master Ravi Chandrasiri who taught me Chinese martial arts—the movements and their ancient roots.

He developed a deep understanding and passion for the foundational philosophy in me, something that’s still reflected in my own practice.

As I refined my unique way of expressing myself through martial arts in contemporary dance, I got to deliver programs at dance institutions, workshops, and individual sessions across Europe. 

The methodology I developed has helped many people find their own expression in movement, professional dancers and those who love to explore without formal dance education alike.

If you too want to explore how movement can balance your body and mind, get in touch for a free 30-minute conversation. I’d love to connect with you.