How it Works

From a single session to a regular practice…

We’ll design a program that fits you.

You may want to explore

if the fusion of techniques I developed is right for you. Or you need more time to explore your unique expression in movement. Maybe you’re looking for a more quiet practice—a holistic massage, body scanning, or reconnective healing. Whatever it is you need, I tailor the program to your needs.

In our first conversation, we explore what you want and discuss the ideal program for you—be it one session, or more. We will schedule a time and rhythm that works for you.

Sessions can take place in my studio in Antwerp (Huybrechtsstraat 35) or online, and last 1 hour. If you arrange travel and expenses, I can also come to where you are for a session or longer workshop.

You can also enjoy the 1-hour treatments like holistic massage, body scanning, and reconnective healing in my studio in Antwerp.

“These are the best sessions I’ve ever done. I’m bursting with energy each time I work with Elena, and I leave happy and inspired. It’s almost addictive.”

Hasna Labreg


Some practical arrangements for our collaboration:

  • Bookings for sessions should be made a month in advance due to limited availability.
  • Payment is requested at the time of booking. If you book and pay for multiple sessions in advance, we can discuss a discount on the price per session.
  • If you need to cancel the session, let me know at least 24 hours in advance and we will find a time to reschedule. Canceling within 24 hours of our appointment will result in a lost session.
  • Please be on time so you can get the most value out of our session. Even when you’re late, I will not go over our scheduled time together as to not keep other clients waiting.
  • I am not liable for any personal injury that you may suffer or sustain directly or indirectly as a result of attending our classes nor for any losses that may arise from the result of such personal injury.

Workshop with Elena Lin: improvisation, authentic movement and physical theatre. Menorca.